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♪ i'm terry mcsweeney live at san quentin. a man scheduled to die out here early wednesday morning was asked to choice his manner of death. his attorneys are now saying that's a reason to let him live. that story coming up in a live report. >> and a plan to prevent the disaster like this one. live in san bruno, i'll tell you about new proposed legislation. that's coming up today. we'll have more in a live report. >> off to a clear start and calm conditions this morning but high pressure still sitting on top of us bringing us the hottest day in this cycle, poor air quality
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that will linger a couple of days. i'll show you where. >> not a lot of overnight road work. the toll plaza showing no delays. >> and supporters of same sex marriage will launch political ads today to pressure candidates who support the prop 8 ban. >> 5:01 a.m.. thank you so much for joining us. it's going to be a scorcher. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. topping our news, in a few hours a hearing held in marin county to determine whether to halt california's first scheduled execution of a death row inmate in more than four years. terry mcsweeney is live in san quentin. terry, the prisoner's appeal centers around a lethal drug combo? >> they do. but if those arguments fail brown will be put to death in less than 48 hours from right now. the convicted killer and two-time rapist was asked to choose his means of death, a three-stage injection or one lethal injection. he failed to do that over the
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weekend. 8:30 this morning his attorneys will be in marin county superior court asking for a stay of execution for their client. >> i think what's going on here is that the lawyers are considering whether they can make an argument that it's somehow cruel and unusual punishment to require a man to choose the manner of his death. >> five years ago a judge ordered san quentin to improve its execution facility, its procedures, its protocol to resume executions. the state says it has accomplished all of those things. defense attorneys say otherwise. the 9th circuit court of appeals, they're taking a two-pronged effort on this. the first one at 8:30 this morning, marin county superior court. abc 7 news will be there. live at san quentin, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thank you. at 10:00 this morning, peninsula congresswoman jackie spear will be at san bruno to propose a measure to make utilities
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modernize their gas shutoff systems following the explosion in san bruno three weeks ago. pg&e's key gas pipes may leak much more often than their peers. jenelle with more. >> representative jackie spear will hold a news conference here at 10:00 this morning in the san bruno neighborhood. the legislation would require automatic or remotely operated shutoff valves for pipelines in densely populated areas like the one that runs under the san bruno neighborhood. the legislation would force pipeline operators to contact all property owners within 2,000 feet of a natural gas transmission line. spears say the safety administration has the power to require automatic shutoff valves but so far haven't. a similar bill is being proposed on the senate side by dianne feinstein and barbara boxer. this after the september 9th pg&e pipeline explosion that killed seven people, destroyed 37 homes and damaged many more.
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after spears' news conference this morning she will meet with pg&e in a closed-door meeting to discuss shutoff valves and how much it will cost. the investigation into this deadly blast continues. the l.a. times reports that pg&e has more leaks than any other of the nation's large operators. nearly six times more. this is according to the l.a. times this morning. pg&e questions the interpretation of the data saying reporting requirements may differ in other areas. reporting live in san bruno, i'm jenelle wang, abc 7 news. >> thanks a lot. state political leaders hope to announce a budget deal by today and could call lawmakers back to sacramento for hearings and a vote this week. legislative leaders from both parties met with the governor last week. they announced they reached agreements on a budget framework but details how they plan to deal with the state's $19 billion deficit were yet to be worked out. a pro-same sex marriage group will launch tv ads today urging
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two top republican candidates to change their stand on proposition 8. the campaign by equality california targets both hopeful meg whitman and the gop's choice for attorney general, steve coolly. they plan to defend the prop 8. voters passed prop 8 two years ago and amended california's constitution to define marriage as being between one man and one woman. >> the heat is on again today and pg&e is asking all bay area customers to conserve electricity after an equipment problem knocked out power on saturday evening. the utility is asking all bay area customers to conserve energy today. they recommend closing windows and blinds during the morning hours before it gets too hot, turn off unused lights and appliances and set your thermostat at 75 or higher if you don't have to be at home. mike nicco is here now with more on the expected heat and day three of spare the air.
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>> since someone's gotta sing it. ♪ the heat is on. >> wouldn't be me. >> no! (laughter) >> remember the '80s. >> yeah. >> it was hot there. temperatures running relatively mild in some areas. look at this, fairfield, napa, santa rosa, novato, san francisco, menlo park, half moon bay and livermore still in the 50s and a little less comfortable concord, oakland, mountain view and san jose in the 60s. holding on to the 70s in antioch, fremont and los gatos. we still have an hour and a half of cooling to go. temperatures compared to yesterday, everybody warmer, menlo park, fairfield, one degree cooler, napa 6 degrees cooler. as far as 8:00, total sunshine, clouds lurking off the coast. not at the coast but off the coast. temperatures still pretty much the upper 50s to low 60s, even a few mid-60s fairfield. by noon look how awarm. low to mid-80s san francisco,
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oakland, palo alto with low 90s elsewhere to 74 half moon bay. by 4:00, total sunshine. still clouds lurking offshore, 75 half moon bay. mid to upper 80s san francisco and oakland. low to mid-90s through the bay and south bay. mid-90s the north bay and upper 90s the east by valleys. seven-day forecast, a gradual cooling trend starts tomorrow even though it won't feel cool tomorrow, it will at the coast on wednesday, you'll start to notice it around the bay on thursday and finally inland by friday. frances. >> mike, we just got word of this high-speed chase happening in berkeley right near university. we have a live shot of the scene and just a minute or two ago during mike's report we noticed this chp car just stopped here in the left lane. there's also one car here off to the right lane. it seems like they're blocking all lanes at this point. this is eastbound 80 at berkeley right near university, possibly the end of a high-speed chase where reportedly they were driving up to 100 mph. so we will keep an eye on this
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and let you know. but eastbound 80 right now could be the hot spot for the morning. this is westbound traffic heading towards the bay bridge. this point no delays in the westbound direction. in fact, you won't find any accidents around the rest of the bay area. eric, kristen, another live shot of the interchange in san jose so elsewhere it is pretty light at this point. eric, kristen. >> all right. thanks a lot, frances. we'll check back on that high-speed chase at berkeley going on near university. 5:08 is our time. >> san francisco students get big financial help for college. that help comes from some pretty deep pockets. next the famous philanthropist who is putting up the money. >> undergoing intense
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. i'm frances dinglasan. take a look at this live shot.
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several chp units at the scene. there was a high-speed police chase, speeds in excess of 100 mph that ended with a crash eastbound 80 before university. looks like all lanes may be blocked at this point. we're hearing one person has been taken into custody. we will follow up with a backup and a look at alternates and let you know what's going on. more news now with eric. >> frances, thank you very much. minus. president obama will sign a measure to help small business. our "moneyscope" report now. >> good morning. we begin your "moneyscope" report with president obama ready to give small businesses a boost. the president is set to sign the small business jobs act today. aid to help small businesses get loans so they can grow and hire people. extra fees are adding up for airline passengers. fees are rising and some 50% higher than a year ago. charges for carry-on bags also hitting passengers in their wallets.
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honda recalling sonatas because of a defect. 20 models built before september 10th. no crashes or injuries are linked to the problem. that's your "moneyscope" report. >> speaking of money, san francisco public schools are getting $3 million from the bill and melinda gates foundation. the school is getting $1 million for each of the next three years to expand programs designed to get students ready for college. it will help those already at san francisco city college. right now only one-quarter of students who start high school in the city go on to earn a college degree. four other cities received the granted. it's all about the economy for the white house these days trying to bring voters around before november's mid-term election. president obama set to sign the jobs bill this afternoon as you mentioned. tomorrow he begins discussions about the economy with local families in albuquerque, des moines and richmond, virginia. also getting help from another heavy hitting on the campaign trail.
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emily schmidt has more. >> at the end of september, politics. feels like november. >> you ought to be there for him on election day. >> heavy hitters are campaigning in races that would have been a cinch in the past. democrat barney frank has been in congress for 30 years but this year republicans are threatening to take back control of the hill. >> when we don't have people trying to make things work and trying to obstruct, we can provide the economy this country deserves. >> before they have a right to be angry, they have a right to be disappointed but they still have to make a choice. a referendum is a choice between two candidates. >> bill clinton stumped in two states this weekend. he hit four states he won in the past. >> it means there's no such thing as a state's state for democrats this year. no such thing as a dark blue state. no such thing as a safe slam dunk election. >> both parties are focussed on the economy and who voters trust
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to fix it. >> they know if they want to save america, they have to change the congress and that's going to happen november 2nd. >> this isn't a prescription for economic growth. this is a prescription for surrender. we can't do that. >> when president obama appears in wisconsin, russ feingold won't be there. he's off with the more popular michelle obama next month. emily schmidt, abc news, washington. >> a federal panel begins investigating the white house response to the gulf oil disaster today. the two-day meeting with the presidential oil spill commission will look at the controversial use of chemical dispersants, the moratorium on deep water drilling and plans to restore the gulf. it will also examine who made the critical decisions, b.p. or the federal government. it killed 11 workers and dumped 250 million gallons of oil into the gulf of mexico. >> a lot of folks out at the
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pool yesterday. looks like we'll get another chance today. >> some people on the beach, riding horses, having all kinds of fun. >> it was a good weekend to be at the beach. what's warm for those folks, 70s and 80s while the rest of us 90s and 100s. let's show you what's going on. >> do you have a tan? >> part of it. had a baseball game, the middle of the day like 11:00 to 2:00. i was wearing sunscreen. i was, believe it or not. 5:16 this morning. we're looking down from ballmer peak where it's nearly 80 degrees this morning up in the hills. it's much warmer than it is down in the valleys. the hills, the warm weather there eventually will come into our neighborhoods as soon as the sun starts to rise over the horizon which will be a little after 7:00. let's talk temperatures. everybody's back below 70s except los gatos. up in the hills it's 75. 60 degree temperatures antioch, concord, oakland, fremont, mountain view and san rafael. everybody else the mid to upper
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50s. monterey bay and inland we have low to mid-50s, even salinas about 58 degrees. going to be sunny and hot again today. today the hottest day. also the most widespread poor air will fill in today, too. clear and kind of mild again tonight. really lucky as we talked about last week how the overnight temperatures would allow us to cool rather nicely. even if you don't have air conditioner, have a little fan bringing in that cooler air. gradual cooling begins for all of us wednesday and spreads in through the coast through the valleys by friday. for today we're 1 degree warmer in santa rosa at 98. san jose 4 degrees warmer, oakland 5, concord 6, san francisco 7 and fremont 8 degrees warmer even though we get less than 12 hours of sunshine today. east bay valley, santa clara valley. that's where the poor air quality is today and more likely in the east bay valley tomorrow. look how strong this ridge is. this next system being shoved well up into canada. have no effect or any bearing on our weather whatsoever. mid to upper 90s in the south
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bay today. saratoga and san jose about 95. low to mid-90s through most of the peninsula. upper 80s san mateo and millbrae. 80 degrees along the coast to upper 70s downtown south san francisco and always with mid to upper 90s through the north bay valleys. mid to upper 70s at your beaches. richmond, berkeley, hayward but low to mid-90s for the rest of the east bay shore. east bay valleys, upper 90s to near 100. morgan hill, gilroy, hollister. 89 today in santa rosa. 100 on saturday for a record high. 79 monterey. look at this relief tonight. upper 50s to low 60s in most neighborhoods. your accu-weather seven-day forecast, it is a gradual cooling. we're talking about it is going to take us until at least wednesday to drop 10 degrees and take us until saturday to drop 20 and get our temperatures back where they should be. over the weekend low 60s at the coast, upper 70s around the bay and low to mid-80s inland. here's frances with your
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traffic. >> yeah, mike, still following this high-speed police chase that ended up in an accident. this is eastbound 80 in berkeley near ashby. it did block all lanes temporarily but the two left lanes have been squared off. i counted nine chp cars at the scene, one person taken into custody. and with the three right lanes open, it looks like the backup dissipated. it was backed up to powell. we may see intermittent closures but this point not worth the detour as you make your way eastbound 80. westbound traffic completely unaffected at this point but if it's there the a while it could slow things down as people take a look. the san mateo bridge real fast, no accidents. a nice ride right now across the san mateo bridge. get the latest traffic information as it changes by going to our website. we update it 24/7 on >> frances, thank you very much. it's 5:19 now. >> kids will still get the burger and fries but may not be
5:20 am
getting the toy. the new ban that could take the happy out of happy meals in san francisco. >> why the feds hung up on a proposal to ban all cellphone use in cars nationwide. why california's phone ban helped to convince them a national ban wouldn't work.
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our state has a huge deficit. meg whitman's plan will make it billions worse by eliminating the capital gains tax for wealthy investors, including herself. economists say her plan will "rip a hole in the budget" and is "deeply flawed". analysts for the l.a. times say whitman's plan is a "pure handout" to the rich creating a "huge risk" to schools and public safety. jerry brown's against this unfair giveaway because it will take billions from our children when we can least afford it. get california working again-for all of us.
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welcome back. i'm frances dinglasan in the abc 7 traffic center. take a look at this live shot of this high-speed police chase that ended up crashing in berkeley right at arby. the two left lanes are blocked where a person taken into custody. some slowing in the three right eastbound lanes. a flat-bed tow truck now at the scene. we'll have more details and bring them to you as we get them. so far we know one person taken into custody. more news now with eric. >> frances, thank you very much. it's 5:23.
5:24 am
this afternoon san francisco supervisors hold their first hearing to consider legislation that would ban fast food outlets from providing toys with some meals. supervisors eric morris' proposal is intended to block incentives for kids to eat high-fat, unhealthy meals. mark says childhood obesity is such a problem that the ordinance is needed for public health reasons. but the restaurant industry says parents should decide what their children eat, not the government. >> the must-reads now. "the washington post" reports states are not ready to ban drivers from using cellphones. an organization of state highway safety officials yesterday declined to endorse a prohibition. california and dozens of other states have hands-free laws and bans on next messages behind the wheel but none has bans all together. they show it ineffective in forcing the texting ban.
5:25 am
>> seeking to prevent wiretaps on the internet to crack down on terrorism. the fbi, national security agency and others trying to get congress to require all services that allow peer to peer messages to comply if faced with an order. >> the america news reports how men in black created a ripple at san jose international airport. two men from laurence livermore entered with assault rifles strapped across their chest and holsters. they were there to escort another man to the lab but no one at the airport knew at the time and they didn't know what to do. they are to give notice when they are in another's territory. we posted a link to complete articles on the website, just look under the must reads tab. >> that's probably a wise thing. >> yes. both being on the same page. >> and the guns on the same page. 5:25 now.
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still ahead. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live at san quentin where a man is scheduled to be executed early wednesday morning. his attorneys in state and federal court today. i'll tell you what they're saying coming up in a live report. >> next at 5:30, we'll preview this morning's "good morning america" interview with the parents of a san jose teen whose fake arrest for having sex with a teenager stepdaughter was caught on camera. >> check how much cooler it is east of us. look at the 60s around stlts -- st. louis, boston 63. it will be quiet as far as flight arrival delays. look at all the rain on the even seaboard. you know there will be delays and ouououououououououououououou
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the file on david harmer isn't pretty. a corporate lawyer for a credit card company fined millions, even deceiving seniors. an executive for predatory lenders, as harmer's bank got billions from the wall street bailout.
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david harmer -- helping corporations rip people off. a record we can't afford. we need jerry mcnerney, small businessman, voting against congressional pay increases and refusing to take them, standing up for what's right. i'm jerry mcnerney, and i approved this message. ♪
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i'm terry mcsweeney live in san quentin. an execution scheduled early wednesday morning. attorneys appealing. something a judge asked that may end up sparing this man's life. the story in a live report. >> a police officer on paid leave after fatally shooting a man yesterday morning. >> you're looking live at downtown san francisco. notice it's clear and relatively calm. by this afternoon, it's going to be hot everywhere, the hottest day in the forecast. poor air quality possible not only today but tomorrow, too. i'll show you where. >> here's a live shot of the police chase that just ended for you. (laughter) >> a high-speed -- all right, frances, we can't hear you right now but listen to this story. the family of a san jose teenager fake arrested in an officer's scared straight tactics. the incident on "good morning america" this morning and we've got it for you. >> there we go. >> good morning, everyone. we promise we will show you what
5:30 am
frances was talking about. that is a police chase that ended in the east bay and some traffic consolidation there. >> some l.a. style action we've got there. >> you'll see it in a minute. lawyers for a death row inmate going to court in marin county this morning trying to block his scheduled wednesday execution. if they fail, he could be the first inmate to die in california in five years. terry mcsweeney to tell us more about the appeal. >> attorneys for convicted rapist and killer albert brown going to all lengths to try to spare his life. they're also before the 9th circuit court of appeals today trying to get the justices to stay the execution. brown was convicted back in 1980 of raping and killing a 15-year-old girl. he had already been previously convicted of raping a teenager girl. the question is, the executions
5:31 am
in california have been held up for about five years now because a judge said the state's death chamber was in need of improvement and so were the procedures and protocol regarding execution. the judge who said that has not inspected the new chamber and that could mean a stay could be granted. >> why put a man to death while these issues are still up in the air. what is the hurry. i think that's the core of the argument for the 9th circuit. i think it's a very powerful argument. >> mr. brown had the option over the weekend choosing how he was going to die, either a three-stage or just one lethal injection. he chose neither. so it's the three-shot approach. the state has that as the means of execution scheduled for early wednesday morning. his attorneys are saying having to make that choice between a three-stage or one-stage way of dying is cruel and unusual in and of itself and that should be the basis for approving this
5:32 am
stay. they're before the marin county superior court 8:30 this morning, also in front of the 9th circuit trying to do whatever they can do to spare their client's life. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thank you very much. there's another issue regarding the death penalty in california, at least for future executions. california's attorney general's office says its very limited supply of sodium pentothal expires october 1st and the company that makes the drug says it's out of stock likely until at least next year. that company sent a letter to state officials earlier this year saying they provide these products because they improve or save lives. the letter says we do not support the use of any of our products in capital punishment procedures. >> the parents of a boy handcuffed in a staged arrest by a san jose police officer are
5:33 am
now going public with their story. today they tell "good morning america" that they believe the officer who wanted to scare the boy after the teen had sex with the officer's 14-year-old stepdaughter went over the line by handcuffing him and staging the arrest. >> here this person is standing in our house, all of a sudden our son's handcuffed. he was an officer. he has -- he's an authority figure. the only thing we knew was we thought our son was getting arrested and there was nothing we could do. he said he felt like watching him all the time because this officer does live down the street from us. >> the father of the boy took this cellphone video. the officer remains on administrative leave while the santa clara district attorney's office reviews the case. his lawyer insists the parents gave him permission to use the scared straight tactics. you can hear more from the family on "good morning america" at 7:00 right after our newscast. >> this morning san francisco police are investigating a fatal shooting involving one of their own officers. it happened sat a residential
5:34 am
hotel on sutter and hyde yesterday. police responded to a noise complaint at the grenada residential hotel around 11:00 this morning. they found someone throwing stereo speakers out of a 7th floor apartment window. when they went to investigate, the officer said the man turned on them. the person displays weapons to the officers and the officer fired the fatal shot to the victim. >> authorities are not saying what kind of weapon the man had. one resident said he heard as many as eight shots fired. the s.w.a.t. team was ultimately needed at a standoff involving hostages in an apartment in nearby franklin yesterday. that incident began with an altercation at a local starbucks yesterday morning. the man dropped his i.d. and the police tracked him to an apartment building with respect he had barricaded himself inside a neighbor's apartment. after ten hours of negotiating, police used tear gas and a police dog to end the standoff. nobody was hurt.
5:35 am
the suspect now faces charges of burglary, vandalism, terroristic threats and assault. >> a volunteer firefighter remains in critical but stable condition at a burn center in san francisco after battling a wildfire near bodega bay over the weekend. the firefighter got hurt while battling a fire on saturday that scorched 93 acres of dry grass and eucalyptus growth. cal fire believes he touched a live power line. crews contained all the fire yesterday. the highway patrol reopened highway 1 near the scene last night after escorting drivers through the area for more than a day. >> another hot one in the bay area today. >> hopefully. not all the ingredients for high fire danger. >> two of them, dry air and a lot of heat and dry fuel but we don't have the wind and that's the big difference. that's why they were able to contain that fire so quickly. the big story is the heat once again. 24 hour temperature change. everybody going up today. whether it's a small amount in santa rosa, but you're already at 97 yesterday, 98 today.
5:36 am
san jose 4 degrees warmer to 95. concord hits the century mark, 100 degrees. that's 6 degrees warmer than yesterday. san francisco 7 degrees and fremont 8 degrees warmer. notice our nights are longer than our days. so we will get some relief during the overnight hours from the heat. in fact, you can see at 8:00 this morning still mainly the upper 50s to low 60s. a few mid-60s fremont, antioch and fairfield. by noon this dry air warms rapidly. i mean, low to mid-50s in san francisco. 80s i should say, san francisco, oakland, palo alto, san rafael already low to mid-90s in other neighborhoods. by 4:00, 75 half moon bay. 88 oakland. low to mid-90s for the rest of the bay into the south bay and mid to upper 90s in the east by valleys. low to mid-90s also in the north bay valleys. accu-weather seven-day forecast. good news if you don't like the heat. it starts to temper tomorrow but it's a gradual cooling. it will take us to about the end
5:37 am
of the week to get temperatures back to average which is 10 to 15 degrees cooler than today. here's frances with your traffic. >> new information about this high-speed police chase. apparently it started with a failure to yield in berkeley and ended up in a crash on eastbound 80 near ashby. the two left lanes blocked. the three right lanes slowly getting by. apparently the driver needed an ambulance so we see emergency crews there, the fire crews as well as an ambulance and a flat-bed tow truck also at the scene. the meantime the two left lanes are blocked. slowing eastbound as you make your way past ashby but so far traffic fine westbound for those commuters. also pretty quiet elsewhere where this life shot at a bridge toll plaza. so no delays and still light traffic this early monday morning everywhere else. eric, kristen? >> frances, thanks a lot. it's 5:37. >> california shows up on a top ten list it never wanted to be on. coming up why the golden state
5:38 am
is being called one of the biggest exporters of gun violence. >> a levevevevevevevevevevevevee
5:39 am
♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] the best way to tell how great you look is in your jeans. drop a jean size in two weeks with the special k challenge™ and enjoy a good source of fiber in many of your favorite special k® products.
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♪ jeans don't lie. go to to design your plan. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. welcome back. it's 5:40. new research on gun violence shows they were sold in ten
5:41 am
states. an association of 500 mayors find those states account for 2100 guns connected to crimes in other states. california is one of the states where the guns are sold. the others are georgia, florida, virginia, texas, indiana, ohio, pennsylvania, north carolina and arizona. criminals and gun traffickers may favor states with more relaxed gun laws. >> the city of oakland has received three federal grants from the department of justice of violence that has plagued the if i. the grant worth $2.2 million is aimed at preventing juvenile crime. includes programs including employment which has youth consider options outside a life of crime on the streets with a gang. two other grants worth $75,000 are aimed at helping juveniles and adults who have been incarcerated get back into civilian society. >> residents of a wisconsin town have evacuated their homes after a century-old levee has begun to
5:42 am
fail. the water flooded the only road in and out of one neighborhood in the town of portage. it threatened to strand hundreds of people in their homes. water is leaking from a nearby levee although it has not completely collapsed. state officials say the system is made up of several dikes built mainly out of sand in the 1890s. >> a free night at theater. how would you like that! and a chance to see the latest blockbuster from your couch. also nice, right? the bloomberg business report next. >> plus panic and poise all caught on a cellphone. the incredible emergency landing at one of the nation's busiest airports this weekend. >> a splash landing making a splash online with the navy answering tough questions. the video you have to see to believe. >> a new offensive in the war in
5:43 am
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welcome back on this monday. you want some relief from the heat, head to eureka. only 64 today. the next comfortable spot, big sur 82 and tahoe 84. all the heat you could want from the low 100s, chico, sacramento, fresno, 108, yosemite and palm springs 107 with sunshine in l.a. here's kristen with more news. >> thanks a lot. it's a tough economic climate for small businesses right now but new internet resources are allowing startups to compete. all it takes is an innovative idea. >> susie wong and rick are co-owners are 100% pure, a cosmetic and skin caroline that gets all its ingredients naturally. it was an accidental invention stumbled upon while gardening. >> i noticed how the blackberries were staining my fingers have beautiful pinkish hue and that's when i got the
5:47 am
idea, the colors from fruits and vegetables to color the cosmetics. >> susie got a patent but where could she find suppliers. her fiancee found it was one click away. for makers of recycled paper boxes or compact cases, the pair found it all on alley ba >> list out the factors, also give me the option as more people come on, it will e-mail me when a new factories found that makes the product i'm looking for. >> it connects buyers directly with factories. >> you don't have to use a middle man. where as before, i don't know how you find the factories, really. >> the head of silicon valley operations say the free service enables small businesses like 100% pure to compete. >> lots of supplies in foreign manufacturing countries such as india and china, the price is very, very competitive.
5:48 am
they often are able to assess the prices that usually are only available for bigger companies. >> keeping their costs low, susie and rick have saved up enough to open a boutique this summer in chic santana row. >> we make it in our factory and then export it all around the world. >> there are other internet resources, virtual marketplaces where employers can list jobs and people with those skills can bid for the work. experts offer one wonder of caution. you have to do your homework. proposals and profiles, interview candidates and start on a trial basis. >> it's 5:48 now. the u.s.-led coalition and afghan forces expect to encounter heavy fighting as they continue an air and ground offensive around the city of kandahar today. (gunfire) >>go,go, go! >> they believe the operation is key to turning around the nine-year war and preventing the
5:49 am
taliban from undermining the afghanistan government. the chief points out the idea is pressure the taliban in certain areas so they don't escape and turn up somewhere else. they fought back with rocket-propelled grenades and gunfire. >> an iranian newspaper reports two americans held more than a year, one week after iran released u.s. berkeley graduate sarah shourd. iran captured her and her fiancee and friend josh 14 months ahumada they crossed into iran on a hiking trip in northern iraq. amman also played a role in sarah being set free on half a million dollars bail. >> investigating an accident involving a west seattle water taxi that slammed into a historic landing. some 78 passengers and crew were on board yesterday when the vessel ran into the washington street public boat landing facility. it injured seven passengers and one person fell into elliot bay
5:50 am
and was immediately rescued. the water taxi was at least 100 feet south of its normal berthing space. no explanation how it strayed so far from its normal course and hit the seawall. preliminary evidence reports to some kind of malfunction. >> a nice place to stay cool. >> a fall in the water, really cool. (laughter) >> i saw a lot of people playing in the ocean this weekend. show you what's going on. look at that, sfo this morning. probably no delays. haven't heard of any yet. clear and relatively calm condition. as far as weather goes, shouldn't cause any problems there. that's good for a monday morning. let's start with your temperatures. still in the 60s around san rafael, oakland, concord, antioch, fremont, mountain view and the hills around los gatos, 75. the rest of us in the 50s. around the monterey bay, we have a clear sky and temperatures mid-50s, low 50s monterey and
5:51 am
gilroy. speaking of warm today, the hottest day this week. the one with the most poor air quality. tomorrow kind of mild like dealing with tonight. always been the key to this heat wave, we're able to cool off at night. a gradual cooling in the afternoon will begin on wednesday. as far as compared to average, look at these temperatures. 100 concord, 12 degrees warmer than average. redwood city 93 at 13. santa rosa when you hit 98, 14 degrees warmer than average. san jose 95. oakland's 89, 17 degrees warmer than average. that's with more darkness than light. only 11 hours 56 minutes and 53 seconds of sunshine today. inland in the east bay, the valleys and the santa clara valleys, poorer air quality. everybody else below the threshold so call you moderate. tomorrow the poor air quality and look at the south central bay, you'll have the best air quality.
5:52 am
take a look what's happening right now. clouds out off of the coast and that's where they're going to stay right now. just having clear conditions and sunshine. temperatures that will run, well, hottest in the east bay valleys. upper 90s around walnut creek and dublin to near 100 for everybody else. over on the east bay shore it's going to be warm. low to mid-90s everybody else. south bay mid-90s. cupertino and santa clara. on the peninsula, millbrae and san mateo, low 90s to mid-90s for everybody else. look at the beaches, upper 70s with sunshine. upper upper 80s. around the morgan hill, gilroy, hollister air near 100 for you. 90 watsonville but close to santa cruz and salinas, moderate. look at temperatures tonight, note upper 50s in our valleys to
5:53 am
low to mid-60s elsewhere so it's going to be cool. gradual warm, cooling trend which means 4 degrees tomorrow, about 6 degrees wednesday, about another 4 degrees on thursday. about another 4 degrees by saturday. temperatures should be 10 to 15 degrees cooler over the weekend. frances? >> mike, some good news in berkeley. that earlier high-speed police chase has been cleared from the lanes of interstate 80 at berkeley at ashly. all that's left is the a few left over cruisers and traffic fine in the eastbound direction. westbound good towards the toll plaza. check out the south bay for you. headlights move northbound on 101. it's quiet everywhere else. mass transit systems reporting no delays. a good option for a spare the air day, although they're not free today. you can get the latest traffic information by going our website, and you'll find it under the bay area traffic link. eric, kristen? >> frances, thank you. it's 5:53. >> southwest spreads its wings buying another airline.
5:54 am
>> here's bloomberg's jane king with our "moneyscope" report. >> good morning. love is in the air for southwest airlines, the carrier whose stock ticker is love, hooking up with the discount airline airtran buying the carrier for $1.4 billion. a chance to expands markets including atlanta and washington d.c. theater tickets, the communication group giving away tickets to shows next month. log on to to check it out. latest tv companies to rent movies up to $30 a showing soon after they run in theaters. considering streaming movies on the x box. the people who brings us the
5:55 am
toll house cookie trying to bring us products that prevent alzheimer's. quite a rally in stocks on friday. stocks head into the trading week with the s & p 500 at a four-month high and stocks on track to finish their best september since 1939. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king with the bombberg business report. >> 5:55 now. we've rarely seen video from inside the passenger cabin during an emergency. we have pictures from delta flight 4951 which was forced to land at new york's jfk airport last night because the landing gear wouldn't come down. the pilot remains remarkably calm. lindsay davis reports. >> inside the cabin, passengers with cellphones captured the announcement you never want to hear from a pilot. >> brace for impact. >> that was followed by this terrifying command from the flight attendant. >> heads down! heads down! stay down!
5:56 am
>> as emergency crews arrived on the runway, the control tower gave this warning. 64 souls on board and 6,000 pounds of fuel. >> the pilot told the control tower. >> 51, roger. that will work. >> heads down! >> as the jet touched down, the right wing scraped the tarmac. sparks flew, clearly visible through the window but miraculously no fire. (applause) >> the passengers were surprisingly calm as they were evacuated. emergency crews stood at the ready but weren't necessary. >> i don't know. i'm just really happy to be here. >> sandra shot some of the cellphone pictures. he was still commending the pilot today. >> the pilot did the a wonderful job. just gotta put your life in their hands and hope for the best. >> heads down! heads down! >> that was lindsay davis reporting. all 60 passengers exited safely through the main door. nobody was hurt. >> the u.s. navy is confirming that two pilots dipped a pair of
5:57 am
$33 million helicopters into lake tahoe two weeks ago. a tourist captured it on camera and posted it on take a look. >> oh, my gosh! ohhh! >> all right. looks scary, right. the video shows the choppers skimming the surface of the water at emerald bay. one appears to lose control then spins and crashes into the water in a near disaster. the pilot manages to pull the aircraft back up. even though this footage shows only one helicopter hitting the water, a navy spokesman says both actually went in and neither had enough hovering power to hold its position. the incident happened september 13th. the damage to the helicopters could reach half a million dollars. an investigation is underway. the two pilots are grounded until that investigation is complete. >> could end a couple of careers. could be priceless. california's stone driving ban has apparently convinced the
5:58 am
feds to walk away from an all-out cellphone ban. >> steve colbert's testimony got a lot of laughs. now a lot of criticism. @ú@ú@úú
5:59 am
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